Sunday, December 9, 2007

Entrepreuner Under 30

They are one of US Top 30 Entrepreneur Under 30:

Ages: 26 (Kenner) and 25 (Crespi)
Location: New York
2006 Revenue: $500,000
Employees: about 50
Year founded: 2005

Kenner and Crespi left their jobs in finance to go into the risky restaurant business together. Their idea for Just Salad came when they realized there weren't enough quick, healthy lunch options near their offices in Midtown. With the help and knowledge of a family friend -- chef Laura Pensiero, who developed the menu and created 27 unique dressings -- Just Salad opened its doors in 2006 to a line of hungry professionals, including many young professionals, for whom Just Salad has become a de facto singles scene. The lunch spot was such a hit that Kenner and Crespi were able to open another location only eight months later. Revenue is expected to top $3 million this year.


Age: 20
Location: Burlington, Vt.
2006 Revenue: $1 million
Employees: 14
Year founded: 2005

Mophie makes cases, splitters, arms band, and clips for the iPod. The iPod accessory market may be crowded these days, but Kaufman's goal is to turn Mophie into a community-based product-development company that will solicit ideas for all kinds of new products -- not just iPod add-ons -- from a 50,000 member online user base. He's got $2 million in venture capital and a former top exec from Burton Snowboard on board to help him do it. Revenue is expected to hit $5 million this year.


Age: 20
Location: Kennesaw, Ga.
2006 Revenue: $24 million
Employees: 75
Year founded: 2001

At 14, Sean Belnick started a direct-shipping company for office furniture from his bedroom -- with $500. The company now stocks many of the products it sells in a new 327,000-square-foot warehouse in Canton, Ga., and has branched out into home furniture, medical equipment, and school furniture. Notable clients include the Pentagon, Microsoft, and American Idol.



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